Concept for Monique Lhuillier, Viva La Vida

The collection was inspired by the vivid colors of Frida Kahlo’s style and her wonderful self portraits that she painted.

“I was in the Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico, and the opera that night was Parsifal by Wagner, and the overture was being played, and suddenly a noise invaded the theatre, that silenced the orchestra. We all looked up to the balconies, and saw the magnificent, regal entrance of Frida Kahlo, with all these, with all these jewels on you know, the necklaces, and the rings, the bracelets, and the things in her hair. I mean it all jangled in such a way, like it was a cathedral gone mad, with all the bells jangling at the same time, made to distract from the weakness of her body. The fact that it was a crippled body, a dying body always, and she gave it life through the jewels, the dresses, and the whole, her own opera. There was Wagner on the stage, but there was Frida Kahlo in the balcony, and she was, that night at least, she was stronger than Wagner for sure.”

“Carlos Fuentes” Writer